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Book Launched in Beijing

She went from East to West, he took the opposite direction: Hung Huang, CEO of China Interactive Media Group and as a TV and radio host often called "the Oprah of China", daughter of Mao's English teacher, beginning of the 1970s was sent as a "little red guard" to New York City. Adrian Geiges, long-time correspondent of German weekly Stern in Beijing, started as a young revolutionary in West Germany, was secretly trained at a cadre school in East Germany, but later became a capitalist, CEO for the Chinese magazines of German Media Empire Bertelsmann. She dedicated the February issue of her lifestyle magazine iLook to the topic "The World is Flat". In the same month his book "Wo de fenqing suiyue", which tells his story, has been published in China. Hung Huang and Adrian Geiges discussed February 5 in the Beijing art district 798. More than 70 Chinese journalists attended and wanted to know everything about the book and the lives of these two adventurers.

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